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digital receipt collaboration to your users as well as our app

we have created an app that generates digital receipts against users who are actually sage users.this idea will be for non-sage users to bring non sage users on board. Our idea if we collaborate with you and our users of app get themselves login to our app using your login credentials just like social signup and signin provided by facebook google and send all the data they captures and saved on to our app to your dashboard that would be great for the accountants of that business and individual users for multiple legal complaince.

this idea will bring a lot of users new to your business and ultimately more revenue as far as we have multiple accountants linedup to use our app and all of their users will register themselves to your system and purchase you plans and we will be providing a gap between users as long as they not need to enter mnually and our app will capture create digital receipt and send you back all the data to your dashboard of your users directly .
we need only access for all of our users to signin to app using sage credentials. i have seen your api i just need a minor adjustment and then all our users will be yours and striaghtly use our app and your dashboards.

currently your api provide single user or single company access.

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  • May 19 2021
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